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Cozumel was the star in a special TV feature about medical tourism, last month, as the island fast becomes famous for cosmetic surgery and other medical services.

Australia's Today Tonight program followed 3 women from "down-under", as they took vacations to Cozumel for surgery at the Costamed Cosmetic Center.

The feature, called Fantasy Island, pointed out that medical tourism in Mexico is increasingly popular as health and insurance costs rise in other countries.

As a part of this trend, Cozumel is a top choice due to excellent medical facilities and a warm and welcoming environment to relax and recuperate after treatment.

Private medical company, Costamed, runs the island's now internationally famous cosmetic surgery clinic, and their Director of Medical Tourism, Julie Chamberlain, says this is not the only area of interest for vacationers who want to look and feel better.

Julie says many customers are also interested in the Costamed Weight Control Clinic, which offers a selection of weight loss programs and procedures at affordable prices.

And those looking for a brighter smile visit Costadental, a dental center which offers a wide variety of services along with basic dental care and teeth cleaning.


Cozumel weight loss
Cozumel weight loss programs.

With prices at 50-75% less then in the United States and treatment delivered to high international standards, it's not hard to see why business is booming and many vacationers to Cozumel are returning home with that brighter smile or trimmer waistline.

Aside from cosmetic, weight loss and dental services, Costamed has a state-of-the-art medical center that provides general medical care and check-ups too.

Cozumel medical services
Cozumel medical services.


All their staff speak excellent English and the modern facilities help patients to relax, whether it's for a straightforward pediatric check-up for the kids or a cardiological revision for yourself.

Financing is also available, bringing within reach treatments and procedures that many visitors to Cozumel could not afford at home.

As the Australian TV program demonstrates, quality medical tourism is now more accessbile than ever, so if you'd like to improve your looks or receive medical care while relaxing in the sun, Cozumel is the ideal destination!

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