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The new King and Queen of Cozumel Carnival 2009 were elected on Saturday, in an extraordinary night of fantasy, joy and music.

Manuel Santana Espinoza and Ana Gabriela Arana Martín were elected at the loud and spectacular event, against the backdrop of more than 6,000 people screaming.

Carnival in Cozumel
Spectacular dances.

The six candidates all appeared in breathtaking Carnival costumes, first Roxana, then Ana Gabriela, Manuel Santana, Karely, Joel and Daniel, all demonstrating why they should represent the 130-plus year tradition of Carnival in Cozumel.

Cozumel Carnival 2009
Jubilant King and Queen.

Their magnificent multi-colored outfits, full of fantasy, captured the audience with the music and movement, and the roar of Carnival filled the Moby Dick hall.

As the island’s legendry Banda Cuzamil continued playing, large lines formed to cast votes, and the candidates watched on anxiously.

When the votes were counted, Joel and Karely were elected King and Queen of Joy, and Daniel and Roxana the King and Queen of Fantasy, following the long tradition of Carnival that has been handed down from generation to generation on the island.

Carnival Mexico
Outfits full of fantasy.
Carnval in Mexico
Over 130 years of tradition.

But it was Manuel Santana and Ana Gabriela that stole the night, elected finally as King and Queen.

They went straight back to the dancefloor after the results were announced, to dance the night away.

Something they will be doing a lot of over the next few weeks.

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