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There was plenty of fun and laughs in Cozumel earlier this month with two performances downtown by top Mexican clown, Izmir Oliva.

Izmir delivered his comic peformances to children and adults alike at the Forum Shops mall and Punta Langosta cruise ship terminal.

Originally from Culiacán in Sinaloa, Izmir has toured in England, Scotland, New York, the Republic of Korea and all over Mexico.

Cozumel theater with clowns
Clown theater in Cozumel.

His first performance in Cozumel, Clownclusiones, consisted of a side-slapping series of gags about love and contradictions in human nature.

Theater in Cozumel
Humorous slant on immigration.

Izmir's second show was titled I'm Mexiclown and gave a humorous slant on Mexican immigrants to the United States.

His light-hearted, but thought-provoking performances included juggling, music and even a unicycle.

Given the warm reception his unique style of visual theater received, organizers hope he and other clowns will make islanders laugh again soon.

The clown events formed part of a cultural program on the island in November organized by Círculo Cultural Arcano.

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