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According to the American Resort Development Association, a high 80.3 per cent of all owners express satisfaction with their vacation ownership purchase.

4.4 million Americans own timeshare weeks at over 1,600 resorts and the median household income for timeshare owners is $81,000, according to the association's own figures.
Cozumel vacation homes
Vacation homes in Cozumel

The number of vacation ownership units in the United States, as of January 1, 2007 was 176,232, with 14,000 newly constructed units in 2006. Source: ARDA 2007

Occupancy at US vacation ownership resorts averaged 80.9 percent in 2006. Source: ARDA 2006

96 per cent of responding resorts surveyed by the association reported an affiliation with one or both of the two major exchange companies, RCI and Interval International. 24 per cent of resorts reported a self-administered program, generally in addition to the exchange company affiliation. Source: ARDA 2007

13 per cent of active leisure travelers report owning some form of vacation time. Source: 2007 National Leisure Travel Monitor

Beach resorts remain the most common primary designation of resorts, and country/lake resorts second. Golf is the amenity most often available nearby and/or on-site. Source: ARDA 2007.

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