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Daddy Yankee in Mexico
Daddy Yankee rocking Cozumel.
  Daddy Yankee's reggaeton rocked Cozumel's baseball stadium on Tuesday night.

The Double MTV Latin America Award nominee thrilled a crowd of 5,500 with his special brand of urban music.

In a massive dance, music and light spectacular never seen before in Cozumel, the Puerto Rican artist had the audience going wild with his best sellers: "Lo que pasó pasó", "La gasolina", "Rompe" and "Impacto".
His Latin American tour started in Puerto Rico and will finish in Colombia.

Elsewhere in Mexico, Daddy Yankee has held concerts in Torreon, Monterrey, San and Luis Potosi. On Saturday night he will be in Culiacan.
Cozumel reggaeton concert
Dance, music and light spectacular.

The dates coincide with the MTV 2007 Latin American music awards being held tonight in Mexico City. Daddy Yankee has been nominated for "Best Urban Artist" and "Best Solo Artist".

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