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  Cozumel news An overview of recent news from local Mexican websites and newspapers.

News about Trump's alleged development, new vehicle ferry, pier upgrade in Cozumel and a possible new pier in Playa del Carmen, island anthem, busy hotels and new police cars.

10 April 07: "Citizens of Cozumel" write to City Hall asking information to be made public about Donald Trump and his alleged mega-development in Cozumel. Reported by Por Esto!

10 April 07: A new vehicle ferry is set to break the existing monopoly on the route from Cozumel to the mainland. Reported by Por Esto!

7 April 07: Cozumel's piers to be ready to receive next generation of Genesis cruise ships by 2009. Reported by Noticaribe.

4 April 07: Major cruise ship pier proposed for Playa del Carmen. Reported by Por Esto!

30 March 07: Cozumel's official new 'hymn' - or anthem - is to be sung at a historic event. Reported by Noticaribe.

29 March 07: Hotels hope to be 100 per cent full over Easter. Reported by Por Esto!

24 March 07: Cozumel's police receive 9 new patrol cars from the State Government. Reported by Por Esto!