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Cozumel beach
Beaches in Cozumel.
  Miles and miles of white sand beaches with gentle turquoise seas are a great attraction in Cozumel.

There are 12 beach clubs along Cozumel's south-west coast alone. This is Cozumel visited them all to bring you this Spring update.

Traveling south from downtown, one of the first beaches you arrive to is Playa Uvas. This stylish beach lounge offers an interesting alternative to some other more boisterous beaches.

Carlos 'n Charlies Beach Club has opened where Playa Santa Maria used to be. It's in a great location and offers the same party atmosphere as their restaurant downtown.

You can snorkel from any of the beaches and most rent equipment for a daily rate.

The waters around Cozumel are well-known for fantastic visibility and a wealth of marine life for snorkelers to enjoy.
Cozumel beack clubs.
Crystal clear water for snorkeling.

The beaches have gained a lot of sand in the last year and there are many wide, unspoilt stretches to walk along between the clubs too.

Cozumel beach information
Coco climbing in Paradise
  The climbing coconut trees are a new favorite with kids at Paradise Beach.

Race friends up the tree and be the first to hit the buzzer!

Whichever Cozumel beach you find yourself on, you are guaranteed some great memories in the sun!

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