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Cozumel climbing
Climbing one of the walls.
  If the kids - or big kids - in your family are looking for something new to try in Cozumel, then the Climbing Adventure Park may be just the challenge for you.

Operated by Alaska Mountain Guides from Haines, Alaska, the park boasts climbing walls, a zipline, abseiling towers and a great beach club with snorkeling for relaxing afterwards.

All the climbing activities are overseen by trained guides and modern new equipment is used - safety is the number one priority.

After climbing you have the opportunity to relax in the exclusive beach club on site for as long as you like.

Cozumel rappel
Relax on the beach afterwards.

So, if you have the desire to fly through the air on a zipline, walk across suspension bridges at giddy heights, abseil down the 65 foot (20 meter) tower or simply attempt one of 70 different climbs, this is the place for you!

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