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Cozumel Group Tours

See our Cozumel group tours and other excursions suitable for larger parties below or select a new tour type.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or check out our price guarantee and reservation policies in our Customer Charter.

Cozumel Dune Buggy Tour - $79
Cozumel Dune Buggy
Cozumel Dune Buggy.

Feel the cool Caribbean breeze in your hair as you tour Cozumel driving your very own dune buggy.

You'll make a circuit of the island in a convoy led by a guide and snorkel a shallow reef, enjoy time on the oceanfront, see a small Mayan ruin, look for crocodiles, climb an historic lighthouse and learn about tequila.

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Cozumel Jeep Tour - $79

Discover the very best that Cozumel has to offer as you drive round the whole island on this scenic Jeep adventure.

Snorkel a shallow reef, enjoy time on the oceanfront, see a small Mayan ruin, look for crocodiles, climb an historic lighthouse and learn about tequila.

Cozumel Jeep
Round the island by Jeep.
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Cozumel Snorkel Tour To Southern Reefs - $49
Cozumel El Cielo tour
The best Cozumel snorkeling.

Reduced to $49. Previously $56!

Most Cozumel snorkel tours take you to less interesting areas near downtown, but this trip is different.

Made for real snorkel connoisseurs, this boat tour takes you much further south and visits the very best locations at El Cielo, Colombia and Palancar reefs.

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Cozumel RZR Off-Road Buggy Tour - $99

Experience the time of your life driving the Polaris RZR "side-by-side" all-terrain buggy in Cozumel!

Test your off-road driving skills on narrow tracks as you enjoy the thrill of exploring the island's jungle.

Cozumel buggy tour
Cozumel Polaris RZR tour.
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ATV Jungle Snorkel Combo - from $55
ATV and snorkel tour
Cruise through jungle.
  Enjoy an ATV (quad-bike) adventure starting at the Mayan town of El Cedral.

Hop on an ATV and cruise through jungle, explore ancient Mayan caves, a cenote (water hole) and a small Mayan ruin.
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Passion Island Beach Getaway - from $55

Visit this fantastic all-inclusive getaway on a white sand island for an unforgettable day of relaxation away from crowds.

Stroll along the white sand, go shopping, get a massage, take a swim, paddle a kayak, or simply sip a cold beer or margarita.

Cozumel Passion Island
Getaway from it all.
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Xrail Jungle Buggy Madness - $80
Cozumel buggy tour
How dirty can you get!?
  Take a two-seater Xrail all-terrain vehicle - a bit like a dune buggy - through jungle to the "Jade Cavern".

How much fun can you handle? How dirty can you get!?
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Cozumel Party Tours - $57

A Cozumel bar hop experience that'll make you want to celebrate!

This fun party tour takes you to 4 bars around Cozumel, letting you see the sights of the island as your Designated Driver drives you to drink.

You'll receive a delicious free shot at each stop and your own exclusive tour T-shirt too.

Cozumel Island tour
Free bar hop drinks!
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Cozumel ATV Tour - from $45
Cozumel ATV tour
Cozumel ATV off-roading.
  Adventurous ride to explore Cozumel's jungle!

Drive your own ATV (quad-bike) on an off-road adventure taking you to Mayan caves, a cenote (water hole) and a small Mayan ruin.

Starting at the Mayan town of El Cedral, you'll jump on an ATV and cruise through jungle.
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Pirate Dinner Cruise - from $75
Travel back in time to the era of the pirates on board the Old Spanish Galleon, the Jean Lafitte.

Indulge yourself in a delicious lobster, steak or chicken dinner while sailing through the Caribbean waters of Cozumel.
Lobster dinner in Cozumel.
Cozumel dinner cruise.
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Cozumel Taxi Tours - from $Per Vehicle
Cozumel taxi tour
Friendly, English-speaking drivers.

See the island comfortably by taxi, with a friendly, English-speaking driver.

Stop at the beach, go shopping, visit Mayan ruins, snorkel from the shore and eat a real Mexican lunch.

Do whatever you like, it's your own private tour!

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Cozumel Sailing In 47 Ft Boat - from $50

Sail on one of the few single hull boats offering snorkel and sunset trips.

Easily the best option to lose the sound of the motor and really go sailing.

This 47 foot Cozumel sailing vessel, the Adelaide, also has tons of deck space to spread out and enjoy the day.

There are no limits to the variations on these trips.

Cozumel sailing tours
Cozumel sailing tours.
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The Other Side Of Cozumel - $70
Cozumel East Coast Tour
Tour to Cozumel's east coast.

Escape tourist traps on a private tour to The Other Side of Cozumel.

Free from electricity or cellphone reception, the island's east coast is famous for its rugged beauty and peaceful tranquility.

You haven't seen the true Cozumel until you've been taken to The Other Side!

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Amazing Cozumel Race - $79

It's a sightseeing tour...

It's a scavenger hunt...

It's an adventure game...

It's... all of the above and more!

We're proud to present...
the Amazing Cozumel Race!          

Cozumel Amazing Race
New Cozumel adventure game.
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Pirate Boat Snorkel Tour - $45
Pirate snorkel
Snorkel from a pirate boat.
  Shiver me timbers, what an amazing snorkel tour!

Imagine you're back in the era of pirates onboard the old Spanish galleon, the Jean Lafitte.
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Cozumel Wheelchair Accessible Tours - from $45

We think everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of Cozumel, which is why we offer this exclusive tour allowing wheelchair users to see the island safely and comfortably.

Stop at an accessible beach bar, go shopping, learn about Mexican culture or have lunch by the sea - you decide, it's your own private tour!

Cozumel wheelchair tours
Wheelchair accessible transport.
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Cozumel Boat Charters - from $450
Cozumel boat tours
Private boat charters.

Experience the best the Caribbean Sea has to offer on your own private Cozumel boat charter.

Ideal for groups of 5 to 50 people, you can sail, snorkel, relax and soak up the sun on any one of the great boats we have available.

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Cozumel Fishing Charters - from $350

Enjoy some of the Caribbean's best fishing on one of our Cozumel fishing trips.

Our boats have room for up to 6 people and offer half-day or full-day charters.

Snorkeling can be included on this tour too!

Cozumel fishing
Great Cozumel fishing!
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VIP Guided Island Tours - from $50
Cozumel private tour.
Private customized tours.

Relax and enjoy your own private, VIP, guided tour of the island with your own driver and separate professional, English-speaking guide.

Go where you want. See or do whatever you like.

Pre-order an icebox for your vehicle, full of your favorite beers, water, drinks and snacks.

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Cozumel Yacht Race Tour - $90

Find out if you've got what it takes to be a real Cozumel Captain with our exclusive new America's Cup tour deal.

If you book this thrilling regatta tour through us, we guarantee you the opportunity to take the helm on one of these genuine racing yachts!

Cozumel America's Cup
Race America's Cup yachts.
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Hacienda Antigua Tequila Tour - $14
Cozumel tequila tour
Cozumel tequila tour.
  Ever wondered how Mexicans turn a spiky plant into their national drink? The Hacienda Antigua tequila tour can provide you with all the answers.

The tour costs just $14 USD and kids under 18 go for free.

Hacienda Antigua can also be visited on our Tour to The Other Side.
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4x4 Rhino and Snorkel Tour - $86
This Cozumel Rhino "mini-Jeep" and snorkel tour combines jungle and beach fun, allowing you to experience the very best the island has to offer.

See crocodiles in their natural environment, visit a Mayan ruin, historic lighthouse and drive through tropical jungle to go snorkeling.
Cozumel Rhino tour
Cozumel Rhino tour.
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