Arriving to Cozumel and then getting around the island.

Information about airport transfers, car rentals, taxis tours, cruises, flights, ferries, bikes, driving and the marina.


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Cozumel Airport Transfers

Why wait or fight for a taxi when you arrive to Cozumel airport when you can pre-book and save all the hassle?

We work with the only Cozumel airport transfer agency to have their own dedicated representatives and desk, based conveniently next to the arrivals lounge inside the airport.

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Cozumel Car Rental

Cozumel car rental
Book Car rentals in Cozumel.
  Six great models with no hidden extras.

Get around the island independently and really enjoy all it has to offer.

Pick-up and drop-off at the airport, your hotel, the ferry pier or cruise terminal.

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Cozumel Taxi Tours

See the island comfortably by taxi, with a friendly, English-speaking driver.

Stop at the beach, go shopping, visit Mayan ruins, snorkel from the shore and eat a real Mexican lunch.

Do whatever you like, it's your own private tour!


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Cruises and Cruise lines

Cozumel cruises
Cruise ships in Cozumel.
  Cozumel is one of the world's top cruise ship destinations, on the busiest days there can be more than 10 ships in port at a time.

Many cruise lines stop at the island on their western Caribbean itineraries from the southern United States.

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Cozumel Flights and Airlines

Cozumel International Airport has many direct flights to North America and Mexico City.

If you're arriving to the island by air we offer excellent Cozumel airport transfers and car rentals from the airport.

There is also a convenient air shuttle offering Cozumel-Cancun flights.


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Passenger Ferries to/from Playa del Carmen

Three ferry companies operate the route between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen on the mainland: Mexico Waterjets (blue and white) and Ultramar (yellow) and Barcos Caribe (turquoise and pink).

The crossing takes about 40 minutes and departs from the Ferry Pier downtown.

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Car Ferries to/from Calica (Playa del Carmen)

Car Ferry

Transcaribe operates the car ferry route between Cozumel and Calica, just south of Playa del Carmen, on the mainland.

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Cozumel Bike Rental


Renting a bike in Cozumel is a great way to see the island, keep fit and be ecological.

In partnership with a trusted local rental agency, we offer good quality mountain bikes and cruisers, available to book in advance.

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Cozumel Island Driving Tips

If you rent a vehicle whilst in Cozumel why not take a look at our island driving tips?

From parking to bumps in the road, find some great advice in this quick guide.

Cozumel driving tips.
Buggy sunset.

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Cruise Ship Time

The new time zone that took effect on February 1, 2015 in the south-east of Mexico means Cozumel no longer changes the clocks for Daylight Saving Time in the spring or fall, which affects the time difference between Cozumel and the U.S., Canada and other parts of Mexico.

If you're arriving on a cruise ship then understanding the difference between ship time and local time can be very important, especially if you've booked one of our Cozumel tours.

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Piers And Cruise Terminals

There are 5 main piers in Cozumel.

Punta Langosta, the International Pier (SSA) and Puerta Maya are the three cruise ship piers.

The downtown Ferry Pier is used for passenger ferries to Playa del Carmen and sometimes for cruise ship tenders.

Cozumel piers
Cozumel piers.

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Cancun To Cozumel Flights


Flying between Cozumel and Cancun offers amazing views and is a great way to get to and from the island, especially if you want to connect with another flight in Cancun.

Visit the website for local airline Mayair for more information.

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Cancun Airport-Cozumel Transfers

Cancun Airport can be hectic, especially when several flights arrive close together, so relax after your flight and enjoy the peace of mind of a pre-booked airport transfer.

You will be met personally and, while other passengers line up to buy tickets and battle with salespeople, you will be shown promptly to your private air-conditioned van, ready to transfer you quickly to Playa del Carmen so you can take the ferry to Cozumel.

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Cozumel Marina

Cozumel Marina
Cozumel Marina.

The new 333 berth Cozumel marina represents one of the current Mexican government's largest investments in tourism infrastructure.

It's construction has been managed by Fonatur, the same federal agency that created the Mexican Caribbean resort of Cancun.