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Cozumel driving

If you rent a vehicle whilst in Cozumel why not take a look at our island driving tips? From parking to bumps in the road, find some great advice in this quick guide.

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1) Almost all downtown roads that run north-south, parallel to the seafront, have priority. Roads running east-west must yield.

2) Most downtown roads are one-way. Look for arrows on the street name signs, black and white arrow signs on corners or just check which direction cars are parked in.

3) Don't park on red curbs. It means no parking and the police may take your car or plates and fine you. If there is no red curb you still can't park if cars are parked on the other side of the street - 'double file' parking is not permitted downtown.

4) Beware of topes, the local speed bumps in the road. They are mainly downtown, but there are some on the roads around the island too. They're not always clearly marked and can be quite a shock to you and your car if you hit them at speed.

5) We've seen too many scooter accidents, even with experienced riders. So stay safe on vacation, don't rent a scooter unless you really understand the high risk you're taking. If you do, make sure you wear a good helmet, protective clothing and expect the unexpected.

6) Why close yourself inside an expensive air-conditioned rental when you can have real fun in an open top?!

7) Be careful at intersections with the new 4 lane highway on parts of the island. If you're not sure if you have right-of-way, proceed with caution!

8) Rent cars through our partners or other reputable agencies that offer underwritten insurance and good quality cars. As they say: you get what you pay for!

9) When renting, pay the extra for comprehensive insurance! It's STRONGLY recommended.

10) Enjoy your vacation but please be responsible - drinking and driving is illegal and dangerous here too.

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