Cozumel Weddings

Cozumel weddings

Cozumel weddings

Cozumel island offers some of the most romantic settings imaginable for a destination beach wedding or renewal of vows.

Many couples choose to get legally married at home and then have a symbolic wedding ceremony and the real celebration in Cozumel.

Legal religious or non-religious Cozumel weddings are also both available and legal paperwork is relatively straightforward but needs to be done in person on the island at least a few days in advance.

Whether you get married in a luxurious beach club, or renew your vows in an enchanting setting, you can rest assured that you and your guests will never forget your Cozumel wedding.


Symbolic Cozumel Weddings

If you want to keep things simple then this is the best option. You can get legally married at home and then have the main celebration and symbolic ceremony in Cozumel. Religious or non-religious ceremonies are available and a wide range of venues is available, depending on the number of guests and type of wedding you are looking for.

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If you are looking for a more simple ceremony and/or are just visiting for a day on a cruise ship, then our budget beach wedding ceremony is an excellent option. All our wedding ceremonies are suitable for cruise ship passengers and for LGBT+ couples.

Wedding Vow Renewals

You can celebrate the great love that has kept you together for all these wonderful years at a wedding vow renewal, a defining moment in your relationship that you will never forget.

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For a simple ceremony our budget beach vow renewal ceremony is great value, or for something unique and spiritual try our Mayan wedding vow renewal. Our vow renewal ceremonies are all suitable for people visiting the island on a cruise ship for one day and for LGBT+ couples.

Requirements For Legal Cozumel Weddings

Information from the Cozumel tourism authority.

Paperwork (For Foreign Citizens In Cozumel):

Both members of the Happy Couple must present the following documents, 72 hours in advance, in preparation for their wedding in Cozumel:

Wedding memories

Moments to treasure

  • Original passport or birth certificate with apostille from the state/country in which the certificate is registered. Birth certificate must be accompanied with a valid government-issued photo I.D. with matching name.
  • Copy of tourist card (from Mexican immigration authority).
  • Medical certificate with blood test results issued within 20 days of the wedding date.

It is recommended that the blood test be taken in Mexico, where the medical certificate can be obtained in one day. If taken overseas, verification of the tests will need to be obtained by a Mexican doctor.

Destination wedding

Destination weddings


  • Four witnesses above the age of 18 are required.
  • Mexican nationals will need a copy of their official I.D.
  • American, Canadian citizens will need a copy of their tourist card and I.D.
  • Other non-Mexican citizens will need a copy of their tourist card and passport or I.D.


Minimum Stay Requirements:

There are no minimum stay requirements for couples that have weddings in Cozumel.


Cozumel Wedding Photography

Make an album, share them on Facebook or frame one for the wall, whatever you want to do with the pictures of your happy day these Cozumel wedding photographers will take good care of you.

Edgar Mendoza Photography

Edgar Mendoza is a Cozumel wedding photographer highly recommended for his creativity and passion. Delighted customers say every photo reflects the pride he takes in his work.

See his photos of Shea and James in our Wedding of the Week Facebook album.

Tel. Mexico. +52 987 878 4036
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Tati Biermas Photography

Award-winning photographer, Tati Biermas, is originally from Germany but found her home in Cozumel in 2006. Her creative work for weddings is based on nicely arranged settings and spontaneous ideas, being sure to capture whatever is going on.

Tel. Mexico. +52 1 987 103 8012
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Photo credits/copyright: 1. M&J Photography; 2. Edgar Mendoza; 3. Tati Biermas.