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A great way to get to know a place and its people is by visiting the local market, and the same is true in Cozumel.

The island's Municipal Market - or Mercado Municipal - is not big and the architecture is nothing special, but the produce on sale and the smiles of the vendors are well worth a look.

Open every day, you'll find fruit, vegetables, tortillas and tortilla dough, meat, fish and a whole range of other goods on sale.

It's best to arrive early as many stalls close by lunch time and it's also a fantastic place to enjoy breakfast, brunch or lunch, with a wide range of tacos and other delicious local snacks.

If you're partial to Asian food, you'll also find some excellent Asian restaurants just outside.

Best of all, it's not a tourist trap and the prices are more "local", so a great value place to do some authentic island shopping and eating.

You'll find the market downtown, 4 blocks back from the oceanfront on the corner of Calle Rosado Salas and Avenida 25. Find it on Google Maps here.

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