Check out the island's many miles of beautiful white sand beaches and our variety of Cozumel beach tours and packages.

From larger theme park style beach clubs, to smaller local beaches with fishing boats, everyone is guaranteed somewhere to enjoy the day.


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Jungle Garden Beach Resort

Couples and others looking for a more adult-oriented beach will love this all-inclusive resort.

Find jungle gardens, pools, a wonderful large white sand beach, and far fewer children than most resorts, this is the ideal location to relax and let the world go by.

Aimed at the adult market, this high-end resort is located just a short taxi ride from downtown and the cruise ship piers.

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Passion Island Beach

Fantastic all-inclusive getaway on a private island for an unforgettable day away the usual tourist traps.

Stroll along the white sand, go shopping, get a massage, take a swim, paddle a boat, or simply sip a cold margarita.

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All-Inclusive Beach Resort

Cozumel beach resort offering everything you could possibly want for an unforgettable day of sand, sea and sun.

Great for families, this unbeatable package includes full use of the resort, pools and water park, as well as towels, snorkel gear*, open bar and all-you-can-eat buffet.

Located just a short taxi ride from downtown and the cruise ship piers, the beach offers clean, comfortable lounge chairs, a large white sand beach and three pools.

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Chankanaab Beach Park

Chankanaab Beach Park is Cozumel's most famous attraction and it's not surprising.

Enjoy crystal clear protected Marine Park waters and reef for snorkeling or diving. A large white sand beach area with bars and restaurants. Mayan culture and history, tequila tasting, fresh hand-made tortillas and an incredible lagoon. All that just for starters.

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Exclusive All-Inclusive Beach Club

This exclusive beach club is near downtown and the cruise ship terminals.

It offers a bar, restaurant and activities that include snorkeling and resort diving.

You won't find a better value, stylish beach in the Caribbean than this - on the beautiful coast of Cozumel, by the Marine Park and reefs.

The beach offers white sands and crystalline waters. Sun chairs and umbrellas are available for you while you sip a frozen tropical drink or enjoy a savory treat from the kitchen.

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Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach in Cozumel.
Paradise Beach.
  Popular Cozumel beach with well-kept facilities.

Friendly service, good food and beautiful white sand.

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Playa Corona

Small bar and restaurant on the beach a little off the beaten-track.

It's located on the old coast road which is only accessible by vehicles in one direction now (driving south). This means it tend to attract less visitors, even though the snorkeling can be fantastic.

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Carlos 'n Charlies Beach Club

This is a favorite party beach run by the same crazy guys that have the Señor Frog's bar downtown.

Great location next to San Francisco beach on a long stretch of feathery white sand with sparkling clear turquiose waters.
Carlos 'n Charlies Beach Club in Cozumel
Carlos 'n Charlies Beach Club

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Dzul-Ha / Money Bar

Cozumel Money Bar
  New bar and restaurant at Dzul-Ha beach.

Friendly atmosphere, crystal clear water, great views.

Good shore snorkeling at nearby reef. Day packages available.

The Miramar Terrace offers a romantic spot to watch the sunset on the island.

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San Francisco

Recently rebuilt, family fun beach.

Soft white sand entry into the water, swimming pool and bar. There are two other Cozumel beaches next door too.
San Francisco Beach, Cozumel
San Francisco Beach.

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Playa Azul

Playa Azul beach in Cozumel.
Playa Azul.
  Small, white sand hotel beach with free entrance.

Bar and restaurant with excellent menu - a favorite amongst Cozumel beaches.

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Playa Mia

Cozumel's premier beach park! Come visit this innovative attraction, your vacation will never be the same.

Have a blast with family and friends at Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park.
Playa Mia in Cozumel.
Water slides and more!

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Mr Sanchos

Mr Sanchos in Cozumel
Mr Sanchos Beach.
  Cozumel beach bar and restaurant with gift shops, horse-riding and ATV tours.

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Alberto's Beach

Cozumel beach bar and restaurant with rustic palapa thatch roof.

Fantastic grill with fresh seafood straight from the fishing boats on the beach.
Alberto's Beach in Cozumel.

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Palancar Beach

Palancar Beach in Cozumel
Palancar Beach.
  One of the quieter white sand Cozumel beaches with great local atmosphere.

Boat-trips to snorkel the island's nearby southern reefs.

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Punta Sur

Stunning white sand beach with reef for drift snorkeling and crystal clear water.

This Cozumel beach is part of Punta Sur ecological reserve.
Punta Sur in Cozumel.
White sand beach.

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Freedom In Paradise, Reggae Beach Bar

Cozumel beach bar
Reggae'n hammocks on the beach.
  Cozumel's most laid-back bar and restaurant. Hammocks, food and drink on the beach on the island's windward side.

Reggae music and beach grub in the middle of no-where - this place will seduce you!

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Playa San Martín

Long stretch of wild, unspoilt white sand beach with a restaurant and bar.

Stunning views across the Caribbean on the windward east side of the island.
Cozumel beach on east coast.
Windward beauty.

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Club Cozumel Caribe

Cozumel Club Caribe
Cozumel Club Caribe.
  A family run beach club on Cozumel's beautiful north coast at Playa San Juan.

Pool, white sand, snorkeling and all the facilities you'd expect for a great day in the Caribbean.