lifestyle, travel This is Cozumel
Recently rebuilt, family fun beach.

Soft white sand entry into the water, swimming pool and bar. There are two other Cozumel beaches next door too.
San Francisco Beach, Cozumel
San Francisco Beach.

Entrance $8, includes use of umbrellas, chairs, showers, bathrooms, floating mats, inflatable hubs and swimming pool. Or, for $40 get lunch and free domestic drinks too.

Facilities: snorkel rental, swimming pool, parasailing, jetskis, showers and toilets. Free entance.

Price guide: Snorkel Gear $10 per day, Sodas $2, Beer $3, Tequila $6, Chicken Fajitas $10, Whole Mayan Fish $20.

Distance from downtown approx. 9 miles (14.5 km).

Beach with pool in Cozumel
Swimming pool by the bar.