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Cozumel Club Caribe
Cozumel Club Caribe.
  A family run beach club on Cozumel's beautiful north coast at Playa San Juan.

Pool, white sand, snorkeling and all the facilities you'd expect for a great day in the Caribbean.

Also home to some of Cozumel's finest seafood at Buccanos Beach Bar and Grill.

Club Cozumel Caribe, Costera Norte Km 4.5, Cozumel.
(5 minutes in a taxi north from downtown or 10-15 minutes from cruise ship piers).

Opening hours:
9am to 5 pm, daily.

- Beach massage.
- Swimming.
- Diving.
- Snorkeling.
- Kayaking.
- Jetskiing.
- Parasailing.
- Rock climbing (only available in advance through cruise lines).