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Cozumel seafood snacks
Cozumel seafood snacks.

El Sazon Del Camaron, meaning 'The Seasoning of the Shrimp' - is a great little daytime seafood restaurant that's popular with locals.

They serve tacos (filled maize flour tortillas) and tortas (bread roll sandwiches), with fried breaded shrimp, fish, octopus, conch, ceviche (local marinaded seafood speciality) and more.

The prices are reasonable, the facilities simple but clean and the staff always friendly.

Cozumel ceviche tacos
Ceviche and fried breaded shrimp tacos.

If you're not looking for seafood, you'll also enjoy their fillings with fried breaded pork, mild green chili pepper with cheese, or egg and chaya, a healthy green leaf from the Yucat�n area of Mexico that looks a bit like spinach.

Cozumel fish restaurant
Simple, clean facilities and friendly staff.

Fresh orange juice and iced hibiscus drink (jamaica) are also usually available, as well as a range of sodas.

Cozumel shrimp.
Scrummy fried breaded shrimp torta.

Benito Juarez, between Av. 55 and 60, Cozumel.


Opening hours:
7am to 4 pm, daily (may vary).

Price guide:
Tacos $1-$1.50 each, Tortas $2-$3, Fresh Juice $1.50, Sodas $1.