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World cuisine served in an intimate setting, a must visit while in Cozumel.

Adrian is the owner and chef at this fantastic little place. He is a member of the Casa Denis family and was probably born cooking.

Argentinian and Mexican dishes, his meals are of gourmet quality, how he serves these dishes at these low prices is a mystery.

Everything is wonderful here, but be sure to try the empanadas and the crab fingers. Our favorite is the shrimp stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.

Relax after dinner with drinks while you listen to the classical guitarists that play every evening.

We recommend reservations during holidays and Carnival, calling before you even get on the plane.

Bring a coupon from Cozumel the Complete Guide II (see below) and receive a free appetizer.

Location: Calle 3 between Ave 5 and 10 (upstairs).

Opening hours: dinner only

Telephone: 987-876-1558

Information from Cozumel guide book 'Cozumel the Complete Guide II'.

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