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This is Cozumel

Brits' Surprise Cozumel Stop

Virgin Atlantic flight
Massive Virgin Atlantic plane.

Over 450 passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Cancun had an unexpected overnight stop in Cozumel, earlier this month.

The massive Boeing 747-443 transatlantic airliner was diverted to the island due to heavy thunderstorms at its original destination.

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This is Cozumel

Countdown To Cozumel Canoe Crossing

Cozumel canoe crossing 2013
Mayan canoe crossing.

The countdown has started for this year's Mayan canoe crossing from the mainland to Cozumel and back.

Some 300 paddlers in 30 canoes will take part in the 7th historic Travesía Sagrada Maya, or Mayan Sacred Journey, from May 23 to 25, 2013.

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This is Cozumel

A Different Way To Cozumel

Cozumel Puerto Morelos
Stop at Puerto Morelos.

Many visitors to Cozumel fly to the island's own airport or stop for the day on a cruise ship.

However, there is a different way to get to Cozumel that makes for an interesting alternative.

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This is Cozumel

10% Off Cozumel-Cancun Flights


Flying between Cozumel and Cancun offers amazing views and is a convenient way to get to and from the island, especially if you want to connect with another flight in Cancun.

What's more, our exclusive new offer gives you 10% off the airline's own fare!

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This is Cozumel

Tough Paddling To Cozumel

Those paddling the 30 canoes across the sea to Cozumel, last Friday, had a tough job.

The currents and wind were against them as they took part in this year's historic Travesía Sagrada Maya, or Mayan Sacred Journey.

Cozumel events
Tough paddling.
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