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ASUR, the operator of 9 airports in the Riviera Maya and the rest of south-east Mexico, said yesterday that developments at their airports worth some $595 million between now and 2023 have been approved.

The Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation has approved ASUR's Master Development Programs for the airport concessions at: Cancun, Merida, Cozumel, Villahermosa, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Huatulco, Tapachula and Minatitlan.

The largest investment will be made at Cancun Airport, where $320 million has been ear-marked for developments up to 2023.

The airport operator added that the Master Development Plans were approved without taking into account the plan for the new Riviera Maya airport at Tulum, which is included in the Mexican Government's National Infrastructure Plan for 2007-2012.

Mexico airports
Development plans approved.

ASUR said that when the new Tulum airport opens it may have a negative effect on the amount of traffic through nearby Cancun airport.

The airport company is listed both on the Mexican stock exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where it trades under the symbol ASR.

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