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Cozumel was lucky last month. When Hurricane Dean passed by to the south it only brought a little wind and rain.

The island is fine, but some of Cozumel's cousins on the mainland weren't so fortunate.
Mahahual hurricane
Mahahual on the mainland after Dean.

About 130 miles (210 km) to the south of Cozumel, the small village and cruise ship port of Mahahual bore the brunt of the storm.

No one died, but many now have nothing left. Houses, food, clothes and the Costa Maya cruise ship pier on which many depended all disappeared overnight.

One local, Otto Bakemeier, said that after the hurricane "everyone shed tears, but at the same they picked up shovels and hammers to continue onwards".

The Mexican government has now declared a state of emergency for Mahahual and the Costa Maya, but many say aid is slow in arriving.

If you would like to read more about Mahahual and how to help Cozumel's cousins to the south, you can visit the blog site "Don't Abandon Mahahual" -

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