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Cozumel car rental
Driving in Cozumel.
  A Cozumel car rental is a great way to get around the island independently and really enjoy all it has to offer.

Or, you can also drive your own Jeep around the island on our guided Cozumel Jeep tour.

A popular route is to take the highway south out of town to visit one of the great beaches on the west coast.

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Next, take the highway round the south part of the island, stop at Punta Sur if you have time.

After that, drive north up the wild east coast - simply known locally as the Other Side. Stop at one of the many beautiful white sand beaches and bars for lunch and margaritas. The Paradise Café offers reggae music and hammocks on the beach, or try Coconuts on the cliff-top or Mezcalitos - all offer great sea views.

Spend the afternoon on the beach or on the drive back you could stop at San Gervasio, the Hacienda Tequila tour or downtown for some shopping.

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