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Active 3 to 9 day jungle trips in the Mayan World of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

7 different tours with special focus on the jungle and ancient Mayan ruins. Adventure travel with bicycles, horses and canoes, starting in the Mexican Caribbean.
Adventure travel.
Toucan travel, or more.

The tours are run by a professional team of adventure guides from different countries that have been exploring the jungles of the Mayan World for over 12 years.

Jungle tours.
Magnificant Mayan ruins.
  These adventure travel expeditions go to locations including:

In Guatemala: Tikal, Yaxha, Uaxactun, Xultun, El Peru Waka, El Remate.

In Belize: Cayo District, Corozal.

In Mexico: Sian Ka'an, Calakmul, Tulum, Bacalar, Cenote Azul.

Using bicycles, horses and canoes you will venture deeper into the jungle.

This way you are able to reach beautiful, sometimes very remote ancient Mayan sites.

These tours are made for active people that love nature and ancient culture and don't mind leaving the beaten track.

Prices from $299 to $2,099 USD.

Make reservations through, contact us for more information.