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5 top tips on what to bring with you to Cozumel on vacation.

1) Sun protection cream - the Caribbean sun is strong all year round! Remember to bring some good sun protection cream or buy some when you get here. Make sure it's biodegradable so it doesn't harm the reefs and ecosystem if you swim in the sea with it on, particularly when you are in the Marine Park.

2) Small dollar bills - Mexicans working in the tourist industry generally earn less than their counterparts in the US, Canada and Europe, so tips are much relied upon. It's good to have some small bills handy to show your appreciation for good service. 15-25 per cent is the usual rate.

3) Insect repellant - biting insects are not usually a problem, but if you go on a tour to the jungle, or find yourself on the beach around sunset, there may be a few mosquitoes or sand flies, so repellant could come in handy.

4) School supplies - why not help out Cozumel's school children by bringing supplies with you for the Chrysalis charity group? You can drop them off downtown at the Mini Golf or at Paradise Beach to the south. For more information visit the Chrysalis website.

5) A big smile! Relax, you're on vacation! Remember, life moves slower in the Mexican Caribbean, so leave that stress at home, kick back and enjoy our beautiful island.