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I wasn't sure I'd done the right thing. Accepting an invitation to be walked on in the name of massage therapy frankly seemed a little odd. Thankfully my therapist was the consummate professional, checking my health record before explaining clearly how the massage would proceed.

Sally Hurwitch, CMT, is one of the leading practicioners of Ashiatsu (foot pressure massage) in Mexico. Her technique is praised by chiropractors, scuba divers, artists and cruise ship passengers alike.

In a one hour session, Sally first works your back and then your front, using bars on the ceiling to help her balance. You have complete control of the pressure she applies and worry ye not, Sally is definitely not a believer in the 'no pain, no gain' adage.

The session is completed with massages of the feet, hands, neck, head and face - a throughly relaxing way to finish a dreamy 60 minutes on the table.

I'm not a regular receiver of professional massages, but this one got me thinking that I should be. The foot pressure certainly relieved tension in my shoulder and neck better than other massages I've tried. As only cruel irony would have it, typing this diary hunched over my laptop seems to have brought it back...

...did anyone see Sally...!?

Sally is listed in the Cozumel Massage directory.