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Chankanaab Park partially re-opened last week. Visitors can now access the main entrance area, lagoon and beach. Construction work continues on and around the dolphin attraction, but they hope to re-open by the end of this week too.

Park officials estimated that 75,000 plants were damaged or destroyed in last year's storm and the biggest challenge has been replanting them. 100s of workers have been repairing the attraction.

The botanical and archaeological areas are still closed, but could open again before the end of the year. The famous lagoon - from which the Park takes its name - is in good shape, with coral growing in its crystal clear waters. The beach area looks excellent and has new palapa sunshades, bar, hammocks and snorkeling access.

Entrance at the moment is 2 for 1, so 2 adults pay $16 ($8 each) to get in. Children also pay $8. Overall, if you are just looking for a beach club you may want to consider one of the free beaches to the south. However, if you're looking for something with a bit more on offer and want to support one of Cozumel's natural wonders, the Park is well worth a visit.

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