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Mayan calendar and New Year.
Mayan calendar.
  26 July is considered by many to be the first day in the Mayan New Year and - accordingly - today is the beginning of the year 5,120 - Happy New Year!

But. Some say this date is an artificial idea from the Spanish Conquest and that Mayan elders and timekeepers disagree with it.

The original Mayan calendar is actually several calendars combined and does not have the concept of a 365 day year. So, they argue, it is nonsense to have a 'New Year' annually in July.

The Mayan calendar itself is thought to have originated from the Olmecs, an older Mexican civilisation that existed around Tabasco and Veracruz nearly 3,000 years ago.

It is based on cycles of the moon, sun and planets and is in some ways more accurate than the modern 12 month, 365 day Gregorian calendar that is used by most the world today.