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Summaries of stories from Mexican newspaper Por Esto!   Image

    • 6 July 06: Work has started on Cozumel's 'Local Ecological Legislation Plan', which will define the criteria for conservation and development across different zones on the island. Full story in Spanish.

    • 11 July 06: Increase in flights at Cozumel airport. 45 flights were expected that week and most flights are arriving 95 per cent full. Full story in Spanish.

    • 12 July 06: World Population Day - Cozumel is the third fastest growing area in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Of 75,000 inhabitants, 51 per cent are male and 49 per cent female. Full story in Spanish.

    • 24 July 06: Sunny days bring a 'boom' in the number of national and international vacationers in Cozumel and on the beaches. Full story in Spanish