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Cozumel snorkeling.
Great snorkeling.
  Get the most out of your snorkeling experience in Cozumel with the help of our top tips...

1) Use a mask that fits well - push it onto your face without using the strap and suction should hold it tight. If not, try another.

2) Watch for hair in the seal which can cause leaks. If facial hair causes problems try a little Vaseline to help it seal.

3) For a better seal, keep the mask strap high up on the back of your head, not near your neck.

4) Avoid misty vision by using anti-fog liquid on your mask. If this isn't available, good old-fashioned spit also works, but if it's not your own mask be sure it's cleaned afterwards!

5) Wear an inflatable life-jacket. Perfect for when you need a rest and deflatable should you wish to dive below the surface.

6) Equalize your ears if you dive down more than a few feet. Hold your nose as you descend and gently blow to 'pop' your ears. If in doubt, ask a professional guide or diver.

7) "Leave only bubbles, take only memories" - please do not touch anything and follow the rules when within the Marine Park.

8) Relax. Breathe slow and deep. Enjoy Cozumel's wonderful underwater world around you!