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Queen Mary 2
Queen Mary II docked downtown.
  Famous English ocean liners the Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Mary II visited Cozumel at the end of last month.

The ships usually cruise the North Atlantic and the rest of the world. They visited Cozumel as part of a special winter cruise offered by their owners, Cunard.

Unlike many cruise ships that visit Cozumel, the two Queens are 'liners' capable of longer journeys and transatlantic crossings.

Cozumel's Mayor, Gustavo Ortega JoaquĆ­n, was invited on board the Queen Mary II. He welcomed the crew and passengers and exchanged gifts with the ship's captain, Christopher Rynd.

In its lifetime of some 40 years, the Queen Elizabeth II has sailed 5.5 million nautical miles - more than any other ship ever, and the equivalent of travelling to the moon and back 13 times.

Many consider the Queen Mary II to be the world's most luxurious cruise liner. It even has its own on board kennel, so you can bring your canine friend on your cruise too.