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Image   Summaries of recent stories from local Mexican newspapers and websites.

    •  04 September 06: Mexico's Transport and Communications Secretariat closed Cozumel's SSA International Pier for cruise ships, "after finding they were re-building larger than permitted". Reported by Noticaribe.

    • 07 September 06: Cozumel's SSA International Pier re-opened again for cruise ship tenders, although dock construction work remained suspended. Reported by Noticaribe.

    • 18 September 06: The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association donated medical equipment worth $100,000 to Cozumel's General Hospital, "due to the good relationship that the island's Mayor, Gustavo Ortega Joaquín, has with the association". Reported by Noticaribe.

    • 24 September 06: The University of the Caribbean in Cancun has proposed a 'business incubator' to help diversify Cozumel's economy. The project would provide support for businesses and links with the academic community. Reported by Diario de Yucatán.

    • 29 September 06: A new ramp has been approved for Cozumel's Caleta Marina. It will be used to take boats out of the water in emergencies. Reported by Noticaribe.

    • # 29 September 06: Since April, 117 cruise ships carrying more than 380,000 passengers have visited Cozumel. Reported by Por Esto!.

    • 30 September 06: A Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville restaurant may open on the site of the old Acuario restaurant on the seafront, just south of downtown. Reported by Por Esto!.