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Cozumel Marine Park
Turtles in the Marine Park
  Cozumel's Marine Park was established in 1996 to research, monitor and protect the island's precious reefs and marine species.

It runs along the coast south of downtown and around Punta Sur - the southern tip of the island.

When diving, snorkeling or swimming in the Park, help preserve its important and diverse underwater ecosystems.

Please remember, under Park Rules it is strictly prohibited to:
* stand on or take hold of the coral reefs.

* fish for, collect or disturb any marine organism (fish, coral,
   shells, winkles, starfish etc).

* use sunblock or suntan oil that is not biodegradable.

* carry spears, hooks, harpoons or explosives.

* carry gloves or knives (dive professionals may register to
   carry such items).

* disturb or remove fauna and flora from their refuges.

* feed any fish or animal.

* dispose of any kind of solid waste.

* dump fuel, grease, oil or any other liquid substance.