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A hidden jewel of white sand beaches, nature-packed lagoons and fantastic lighthouse views is tucked away on Cozumel's southern tip.

Punta Sur Park covers some 1,100 hectares and has recently re-opened to the public.

Many visitors to the island overlook this fantastic attraction, making it even less spoilt for those that do find their way.
Punta Sur in Cozumel
Dreamy beach.

The beach on the west side offers vibrant reef for some of the best shore snorkeling in Cozumel. The snorkel is fairly advanced since you need to swim out some 220 yards (200m) and then drift along the coral-tops, but the water is shallow and floating platforms help if you need a rest. The underwater views are well worth the effort.

Clean restrooms, showers, cold sodas, water and snacks are available on the beach and a guided boat tour of the lagoon departs right next door. On the lagoon you may be lucky enough to spot a croc, or one of Cozumel's many endemic or migratory bird species.

If you still have energy, you can climb the 133 steps to the top of the island's southern-most lighthouse and enjoy panoramic views of the island and the Caribbean Sea. Next to the lighthouse you'll find gifts, a café and a small museum for anyone interested in local marine history.

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Entrance is $10, lagoon boat trips $3. Distance from downtown approx. 17 miles (27 km). Open 9am - 4pm daily. The Park is at the south end of the island, accessible by rental vehicles, taxi or some cruise ship jeep and buggy tours. For more information visit the Cozumel Parks Foundation website.