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Cruise ships have been coming back to Cozumel for almost 2 weeks - what do returning tourists think?

Tom Ogg from, cruise information website, was one of first passengers back. He said "the streetscape, storefronts and general condition of the downtown area were better than the last time" he visited", noting that the seawall had been painted, new palm trees planted, streets repaired and sidewalks cleaned.

With Tom was Bruce Peterson, a travel agent from Georgetown, Texas. He said it was amazing how quickly things had been cleaned up and that he wouldn't hesitate to send clients back to Cozumel.

A cruise ship passenger from Woodridge, Illinois, said they "could not tell there had been a hurricane" downtown, but in a taxi journey away from the centre they had seen some signs of damage.

Mike from Salt Lake City made it back to Cozumel just before the first cruises. He summed things up by saying "for those wondering about Cozumel.. it is still as great as ever."