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Fury Catamaran's have been offering snorkel, beach and party tours in Cozumel for more than 10 years. Their five 65 ft custom-built catamarans were in a safe harbour when Wilma passed and they were ready when the first cruise ships returned. The tour is one of the best ways to snorkel in Cozumel at the moment. Best of all, after snorkelling, the beer and margaritas are free!

After picking up from the pier, the crew gave passengers a snorkel safety briefing onboard the catamaran.

Damage was evident when snorkelling on the reef, but there was plenty of life too, like beautiful Grey Angelfish, Spotted Eagle Ray and Ocean Trigger Fish.

A professional photographer took pictures, developed them and sold them at the end of the tour.

After snorkelling for 45 minutes we got back onboard. Beer and rum punch was available and the crew took us to the beach. The water was crystal clear and the sand soft and clean. This beach is only used by passengers on the Fury tours. Floating sunmats, kayaks and other beach toys were free.

There were two volleyball courts with games on both, but some people chose simply to relax in the hammocks.

An Angus cheeseburger and unlimited buffet lunch was US$8 on the cruise ship tour. It is included on the public tour which usually leaves later. Silver jewellery was for sale on the beach, many prices were cheaper than downtown.

On the way back you could relax up top or join in the party on the lower deck!

Overall the tour was excellent - the beach is straight off the cover of a vacation magazine and the catamaran, crew and service were all first class.

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