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At last, a fair, balanced and objective article about the recovery of Mexico's Caribbean resorts after Hurricane Wilma (After Wilma, Is Mexico Ready For Some Fun? Washington Post, 11 Dec 2005).

This website has been disseminating good news from the island of Cozumel since the storm and has been overwhelmed with support from thousands of readers. Unfortunately, the mainstream travel media has been much more pessimistic.

Until now, most had failed to acknowledge the Mexican recovery or neglected to write a follow up story at all. So, many people still do not know that tens of thousands of cruise ship passengers have already returned and 87 per cent of the island's hotel rooms will be open by February. Yes. Cozumel really has recovered that fast!

The hard-working, tough-spirited people on the island deserve credit for the turnaround they have performed. Most of all they deserve that tourists return. To this effect, more honest articles like the Washington Post's are needed and will be much appreciated.