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Scuba operators starting to dive at night again are reporting an abundance of life. Roberto Castillo, operator of Liquid Blue Divers, visited Paraiso Reef at night earlier this week. He said the marine life was "outstanding" and reported sightings of several octopuses, as well as many crabs, spotted Moray eels and a green turtle.

Nocturnal dives were not permitted immediately after Hurricane Wilma. Recently the Marine Park has allowed them again, but only to Paraiso Reef and each authorised guide can take a maximum of 4 divers.

Despite Wilma damaging some reefs, returning divers are having great dives in the daytime too. Local instructor Tony Anscutz, aka Scuba Tony, said that only locals or those that dive in Cozumel frequently really notice any difference.

Most visitors are impressed by what is still some of the best diving in the world. Daniel Meekhoff, from Connecticut, recently took a diving vacation in Cozumel. He said, "If I could, I'd fly back down next week for another week of diving, maybe I should just retire there!"