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Brits' Surprise Cozumel Stop

Virgin Atlantic flight
Massive Virgin Atlantic plane.

Over 450 passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Cancun had an unexpected overnight stop in Cozumel, earlier this month.

The massive Boeing 747-443 transatlantic airliner was diverted to the island due to heavy thunderstorms at its original destination.

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This is Cozumel

Painted Mayan Sea Journeys

Anyone interested in Mayan art and history should check out the current exhibition by renowned local artist, Marcelo Jiménez Santos, at the Cozumel Island Museum.

On show are a range of paintings depicting Mayan sea journeys as part of events for this year's Sacred Mayan Canoe Crossing.

Cozumel art
Cozumel art exhibition.
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This is Cozumel

Watch The Cozumel Birdie!

Cozumel nature tour
Cozumel nature tour.

If you like nature, don't miss this fantastic new tour to look for the island's 7 endemic bird species or any of the 264 species here all together!

One of the best guides this side of Mexico takes you to 5 of Cozumel's best birding locations including Punta Sur lagoons and the jungle near San Gervasio.

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This is Cozumel

Hot Cozumel Property: Casa del Rancho

Recently reduced from $290,000 to $220,000, this solid house in Cozumel makes for a fantastic investment.

A big spacious and private home on the south edge of town with 3 bedrooms, each with own bath and terraces.


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This is Cozumel

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