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If you'd like to understand the fascinating Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations and how they relate to Mayan tradition, take our exclusive tour that is not available anywhere else.

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In Mexico, pre-Hispanic celebrations of the dead existed well before the Spanish Catholic traditions arrived, which later resulted in the more modern Day of the Dead we now know.

Available only from October 26 to November 2, this is a great opportunity to learn about the whole history and culture from thousands of years ago until today, including ancient Mayan legends and sacred funeral rites.

The tour takes you for an interactive Mayan encounter, where you'll wander through a village with the rich local history and culture laid out before you.

After being shown how to paint your face in traditional Mayan colors, your guide will take you to different  workshops, in thatched palapa huts, where you'll find out about Hanal Pixan and the origins of the Day of the Dead.

You'll get to see how authentic Hanal Pixan food and drink is made and try some yourself, such as tamales de comalatolepan de muerto and agua de chaya.

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Next you'll make calavera - the traditional skull figures that always form part of Day of the Dead celebrations - decorative versions can be made from clay or edible versions with amaranth seeds.

Following a break for a theatrical performance complete with Mayan smoke and drums, if time allows you'll have a chocolate workshop too, grinding cocoa beans by hand the same way the Mayans have done for thousands of years.

The complete visit lasts about 60-90 minutes, and you'd never imagine you could pack so much in about the  Day of the Dead and the captivating lives of the Mayan people.

At the end, be sure to visit the little thatched gift store too, where you'll find the unique keepsakes and presents that you've been searching for all vacation.

This exclusive excursion is not offered by cruise lines or package vacation agencies. Expect a fun, authentic, hands-on Mayan experience. It's designed by experts in pre-Hispanic Mexico who have a desire to share their knowledge with you.

The tour includes private round-trip transport from your cruise terminal or accommodation, which takes about 20-30 minutes each way.

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