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While global air travel shows only slow signs of recovery, flights to Cozumel from the USA are booming, with 153% increase in the number of direct flights in just 3 months.

In the first week of December, there were 17 nonstop flights from US airports to the island. Next week, no fewer than 43 are expected, an increase of 153%. This is back to the same number of flights as a year ago, albeit from different airports and with different frequencies.

Popular flight routes such as Dallas, Houston and Miami have steadily increased in frequency over the 2020/2021 winter season, but 3 new routes to Cozumel were also launched in February, with Frontier Airlines beginning new nonstop flights to the island from Denver and Chicago, and American Airlines starting a new direct route from Philadelphia.

Airport arrivals

Although not all flights are arriving full and there are currently no flights from Canada, the number of people traveling through Cozumel airport has remained robust, with 27,723 passengers in December and 24,643 January, according to figures released earlier this month by ASUR, the company that owns and operates the island's air terminal.

The island's position as a leader in Safe Travel standards; relatively low numbers of COVID cases; easy access to COVID tests for passengers returning to the USA; and the chance to enjoy the island while it is quiet without cruise ships, have all been highlighted as reasons so many people still want to fly to Cozumel. Not to mention the usual attractions of great weather, friendly people, amazing beaches and delicious food and drink, of course.

Popular flights

In addition, with the suspension of Caribbean cruises, many tourists that planned to visit Cozumel for one day on a ship have chosen to fly in and vacation on the island for longer instead. This week, one such visitor from Virginia told This is Cozumel, "I’m excited to visit for an extended time, not just on a cruise ship!"

And the island is not just proving popular with Americans, local media have reported that Spanish airline, Evelop, part of the Barceló hotel group, will start new direct flights from Madrid to Cozumel in June or July, when it is hoped European tourists will start to travel more again too.

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Direct flights to Cozumel from/to the USA

In the first week of March 2021, the following flights are expected to operate:

  • American Airlines from/to Dallas - twice daily
  • American Airlines from/to Charlotte - once or twice daily
  • American Airlines from/to Miami - daily
  • American Airlines from/to Chicago - weekly
  • American Airlines from/to Philadelphia - weekly
  • United Airlines from/to Houston - 4 times per week
  • United Airlines from/to Chicago - weekly
  • United Airlines from/to Denver - weekly
  • Sun Country from/to Minneapolis - 4 times per week
  • Frontier from/to Chicago - weekly
  • Frontier from/to Denver - weekly