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It was a big surprise for Kellee and Brian to find a GoPro camera sitting on the seabed when diving in Cozumel. But the bigger surprise was still to come.

Kellee and Brian Bouchard from Oklahoma are regular divers in Cozumel. They work as dive master and instructor for Sharky's Scuba back home and make frequent trips down to scuba with friends at Sharky's sister operation in Cozumel.

"Our favorite thing about Cozumel is the people," Kellee told This is Cozumel, "we've never had a bad time. We've met great friends, are always treated like family, and everyone is so friendly."

On their most recent trip, last month, they were calmly blowing bubbles and enjoying the wonderful underwater world 45 feet down, when an unusual object in the sand caught their eye. "The handle was gray and the tip was blue – a color you don’t normally see in nature,” said Kellee.

Kicking their fins and swimming closer they discovered it was a fully intact GoPro underwater camera, which they recovered and took back to the surface.

Fortunately the camera can stand depths of over 100 feet, so when they checked they found the images on it were unharmed. They were vacation photos that clearly held precious memories for whoever took them, so the Bouchards decided to swap diving for sleuthing, and took to social media to see if they could reunite the pictures with their owner.

They knew it was a long shot, but they posted the photos on their Facebook accounts to see if anyone could recognize anything to help them find the rightful owner. In no time at all, helpers bounced the request round the internet and on to the international 'Girls that Scuba' group. But from there it went full circle again, ending up back on a local Oklahoma group, when a keen-eyed follower recognized the state's famous Turner Falls in one of the pictures.

After that followed more frantic liking and sharing, and barely 18 hours after the photos had first been posted, up popped a remark in response. "That is me!"

The excited comment came from Penny Spurlin, who had lost the camera when diving in Cozumel the week before. She never thought she'd see the pictures again and immediately asked how to contact whoever had found them.

Penny couldn't believe her luck when she found out Kellee and Brian had the camera, and that they lived just miles away and were fellow Oklahomans. "That makes me sooo happy!" she cried in delight.

Beyond all the odds, after several surprises, thousands of miles traveled, and thousands of Facebook users following, Kellee personally presented Penny with her camera the following day, at a happy reunion hosted in Oklahoma by Sharky's Scuba shop, of course.

Kellee plans to visit Cozumel to dive again in May and will keep a look out for more cameras lost underwater. What are the chances?