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There's a lot of talk of 'bubbles' lately - small social groups that can help limit the pandemic - so we've selected a range of "Lovely Bubbly" tours in Cozumel, allowing you to enjoy the island in private with the group you're on vacation with.

From private boat tours, where you're the only ones onboard, to Jeep and buggy tours, where you'll have a vehicle just for your group, all our Lovely Bubbly options limit interaction with other tourists you don't know. They're almost exclusively outdoors too, which also helps make things much safer.

This means you can still get out of the hotel and enjoy the island with your family and friends, and it also reduces the need to wear face masks.*

And remember, all our tours and activities follow strict COVID-prevention protocols including reduced capacities, staff wearing face masks and/or visors, and extra cleaning/disinfection.

Here are our favorite 5 Lovely Bubbly tours and you can find more Lovely Bubbly options here too.

1: Private Cozumel Snorkel Boat Tour

Private Snorkel Boat

We use a fast 4 or 6 passenger boat for these 100% private trips, guaranteeing the boat just for you and the best personalized service.

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2: Cozumel Buggy Tour With Beach, Snorkel And Lunch

Dune buggies

Feel the cool Caribbean breeze in your hair as you drive your very own quirky dune buggy round the whole island. Note: there may be others on this tour, but you won't have to share vehicles.

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3: Beach Vow Renewal

Vow Renewal

After such a difficult year, now is the perfect time to declare your undying love to one another again, with one of our romantic vow renewals on the beach.

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4: Cozumel Jeep Tours


Discover the very best that Cozumel has to offer as you drive round the whole island in your own Jeep and with all open-air stops. Note: there may be others on this tour, but you won't have to share vehicles.

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5: Private Taxi Tour

Taxi Tour

See the island comfortably by taxi, with a friendly, English-speaking driver. Stop at the beach, go shopping, visit Mayan ruins, snorkel from the shore and eat a real Mexican lunch. Do whatever you like, it's your own private tour!

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* Customers must wear face masks when they meet the tour staff and during the activity as instructed, but they are not generally required when you are only with your own group members.