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If you're looking for a last minute festive gift idea then check out two new books recently released by Cozumel author and historian, Ric Hajovsky.

The first, the Natural History of Cozumel, presents the myths, the facts, and the curious secrets of the island.

Starting with the island’s origins, 200 million years ago, Ric guides you through the birth of the island, the forces that created its unique landscape, its odd inhabitants (both plant and animal), and the strange phenomena that can be experienced here. A must read for Cozumel fans.

The second, is a new volume to Ric's already highly popular myth buster, the True History of Cozumel.

It includes a look at the history of aviation in Cozumel with intriguing stories of how different airlines started (and failed). You'll learn about flying pigs and crashing Israeli secret service agents, and a whole load of other fascinating flying anecdotes.

You'll also find a chapter dedicated to 41 of the lesser known Mayan ruin sites on the island, and another focusing on Cozumel’s shipwrecks, not to mention a whole episode that tells how the island’s lands were divided up and the reefs and beaches got their names.

These two latest books - or any of Ric's previous writings about Cozumel - make for a great festive gift for anyone visiting or living on the island.

Find all Ric's books about Cozumel on Amazon here. Be quick and order now if you want them in time for the holidays!