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Our truly brilliant new boat tour takes you on a wonderful sailing and snorkeling adventure to Passion Island, in the north of Cozumel.

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This tour is available to all cruise line passengers and guests staying locally.

You'll set off in your sleek 38' catamaran from a marina just north of downtown, only a 5-15 minute taxi ride from the cruise terminals.

After a scenic ride along Cozumel's north shore you'll arrive to Passion Island, a small sand island just off the north of the main island. Your friendly crew will drop anchor and you'll have a couple of hours for snorkeling and to eat lunch onboard.

After you've eaten your fill, you can relax again before swimming or wading to the shore of Passion Island, then take a stroll along its long beaches or simply kick back and relax on the white sand.

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Don't forget to also save some time to try the kayak and stand up paddleboard, which the cataraman carries on deck! When you've finished playing, exploring and enjoying this little island paradise, it's all aboard the cataraman again, for a fun trip back with music playing and drinks flowing.

Docking back at the marina around 3pm, you'll be sad to leave this wonderful catamaran, but will return back home with the most wonderful memories of a brilliant boat trip in Cozumel.

Note: this new tour goes to Passion Island's public beaches, but not to the private Isla Pasión beach club.

All our Passion Island tours, including those to the Isla Pasión beach club, can be found here.

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