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Reaffirm your love for each other at a gorgeous modern Cozumel white sand beach resort, with the sunshine and sea as your witnesses.

Feel the white sand beneath your feet and be romanced as you create more marvellous memories with our new beach resort vow renewal.

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When you arrive to the stylish resort you'll receive a welcome drink of your choice to get you in the mood (a margarita perhaps?).

A bouquet, button-hole and professional photography is included for the vow renewal ceremony, which at a simple, beautiful table on the resort's white sand beach, with the turquoise sea lapping at the shore beside you.

You can customize the traditional ceremony with your professional officiator to include your own vows if you wish, and you also have the option to include the mixing of unity sand, for a highly symbolic, romantic moment.

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After the ceremony, sparkling wine is served to toast many more happy years and then you can kick back and enjoy the resort's sand beach, pool and modern facilities.

We'll even include a delicious dish or snack of your choice from the gourmet menu, and another drink to wash it down. And before you leave you'll also be given a surprise souvenir to help you remember the day for all eternity. 

The two of you an enjoy the experience alone or bring along guests too for an additional fee.

From the cruise terminals you can reach the resort with a 5-20 minute taxi ride, or for hotel guests it's easily accessible by rental car, taxi or even walking, depending on your hotel's location.

However long you've been together, whatever your history, this will be a defining moment in your relationship that you will never forget.

Note: There is no requirement to be married and LGBT+ couples are also welcome to take this ceremony.

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