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Time in Cozumel

The clocks will go back an hour and Summer Time ends in most of the U.S. and Canada tonight, but the time in Cozumel stays the same.

As a result the island will be on Eastern Time from November 4, 2018 at 2am, not Central Time as it is at the moment.

If you're arriving on a cruise ship then understanding the difference between ship time and local time can be very important, especially if you've booked one of our Cozumel tours.

Cozumel cruise ship time

Different cruise lines have different ways of deciding what time their ships take. Carnival and Royal Caribbean (RCCL) cruise ships usually go with the time of their homeport and stick with it, whereas Norwegian cruise ships change their onboard time during the voyage, to match the local port they are arriving to.

The itineraries cruise lines give passengers display ship times, so cruisers should remember this isn't necessarily the same as the local Cozumel time.

If you're arriving on a cruise you can find more information about Cozumel and cruise ship time in our Tourist Information section.