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Cozumel is a fantastic place to bird watch, with over 260 species found around the island. What many people don't realize is how full of bird life the downtown area is too.

With this in mind, the local Museum and Parks Foundation organized a "bird count" in the main plaza, Parque Benito Juarez, downtown, earlier this month. The event aimed to encourage people to take up birding and educate participants about the importance of wildlife on the island.

Islanders, visitors and a local youth conservation group all took part using binoculars to search for birds perching, nesting, walking and flying around the downtown square.

In just a couple before sunset, they spotted a total of 9 different species including, Black-Throated Humming Birds, Tropical Kingbirds, Grackles and a nest of Mockingbirds.

After the success of this year's bird count the foundation plans to make it an annual event, forming an important part of their wider environmental educational campaigns.

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