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Cozumel jet boat competition

Karen from Okotoks, Canada, and Kristen from Lockridge, Iowa, are getting ready for their thrills as the winners of 2 tickets each in Cozumel jet boat prize giveaway! Didn't win? Don't worry, you can still save $15 per person on the tour if you book now!

Didn't win? Book now and you save $15!

Karen and Kristen both answered the competition question correctly and were the first random winners drawn that could take the tour. Karen's already booked her prize trip and we look welcome to welcoming her in January. Kristen will book as soon as she has her next visit dates confirmed too.

Cozumel jet boat tour

Thanks to everyone who took part, we were overwhelmed with the response! In case you're still wondering about the answer: the hormone released in the body as the result of a thrilling experience like our Cozumel speedboat tour is adrenelin.

Didn't win? Book now and you save $15!