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Cozumel Bar Hop

Arr, me hearties! Be a pirate and drink your way round Cozumel on this great new bar hop.

You'll visit 4 of downtown Cozumel's favorite bars with a bunch of rowdy pirates.

Pirate Pub Crawl

Aswell as being assigned a pirate name you'll be given some pirate clothes to make you feel the part.

Cozumel Bar Crawl

The second stop includes a delicious swashbucklers' meal and then you'll have plenty of free drinks along the way.

Cozumel bar tour

And if you want to avoid walking the plank you'd better get yourself ready for some tequila tasting too!

Choice of options for both beer and premium drinkers

Pirates who drink mostly beer pay $50 and pirates who like more premium drinks pay $65.

You're sure to have a raucous time in Cozumel on this pub crawl with us, so put on your wooden leg, perch your parrot on your shoulder and join us next time you're here!

Find more information and make reservations here.