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Cozumel cruise terminal

The third parking spot for ships at Carnival cruise line's Puerta Maya pier in Cozumel officially opened, earlier this month, completing the expansion of the terminal.

With an investment of over $20 million, a new "arm" was added to the existing pier to allow three ships to be moored at the same time.

To mark the occasion, the Carnival Breeze, Carnival Freedom and Carnival Triumph all arrived on October 8 to become the first trio of ships to use the new facilities.

Carnival say the pier can accommodate any ship across its brands, which also include Princess, Costa and Aida cruise lines.

Cozumel Puerta Maya

Work started on the construction of the new 485 foot (148m) pier arm in May 2014. Local environmentalists said they would keep a close watch on activity at the port, warning that debris and silt from the construction process would damage the marine ecosystem and the extra traffic from ships would pose a danger to divers and snorkelers in the area. Carnival said they would follow all the measures recommended in the project's environmental impact study

Puerta Maya is one of three cruise terminals in Cozumel. It is owned by Carnival and used almost exclusively by their ships and others in their group.

The other terminals used by cruise lines in Cozumel are the International SSA dock almost next door, used frequently by Royal Caribbean ships, and the Punta Langosta pier downtown, used mostly by Disney and Norwegian cruise lines.

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